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Every Mistake To AVOID!
Siam lost £50k in his first year of trading and a total of £100k in his first 4 years. By year 6 he eventually became profitable.

Siam's no trading wizard, he just knows what NOT to do. It would be wise to listen to the points in this book!
expand your investing knowledge
Ask a random person on the street to name all the different asset types there are and most people will get stuck after Stocks and Property.

To be a well-rounded investor you NEED to be aware of ALL the asset types out there, how they perform and more importantly WHEN to invest in them.
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I have know Siam for some time and you couldn’t find a more honest and ethical guy! A true giver in every sense of the word, and honestly wants and tries to help as many people as possible to move forward in the world. "
- Justin Fordham - JF Financial 
UK Leading Mortgage Specialist
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